Some useful reading on AiFL:

AiFL techniques currently employed in the department

  1. Learning outcomes are shared consistently throughout lessons
  2. Feedback is provided verbally, email, and LMS (
  3. Comments/Advice on next steps is given using the same techniques as above
  4. Lesson evaluations by pupils – online format
  5. Topic evaluations by pupils – online format
  6. Unit evaluations by pupils – online format
  7. Course evaluations by pupils – online format
  8. Text discussion between pupils/teacher (classroom management software)
  9. Promotion of discussion using open questions – used heavily at senior level
  10. Peer to Peer learning is encouraged
  11. No Hands Up rule

Techniques we are looking at implementing:

  1. Traffic Lights
  2. Electronic glossary on web (Wiki-based) – pupil operated/teacher administering
  3. Placemats – electronic version
  4. Graffitti Boards – electronic versions
  5. Exit Cards – electronic versions

Feedback is used efficiently for:

  1. Reviewing individual pupil progress
  2. Providing specific advice to pupils on their progress
  3. Reviewing overall class progress
  4. Improving the quality of future lessons
  5. Reviewing course effectiveness and relevance in the current educational environment

The above techniques are used where possible during lessons. If a technique is seen as being relevant at the planning stage, the teacher will endeavour to implement it effectively into the lesson.