Click here to visit the Nairn Academy Pupil SiteWelcome to Nairn Academy’s Computer Science/ICT department website.

This resource is a modern equivalent of a traditional departmental handbook. This asset contains information for pupils, parents and staff alike.

Examples of some of the key departmental information resources are listed below:

This website is developed as a purely departmental resource and, as previously intimated, contains information about the department. However, online resources for pupils are posted on our sister site, http://hitcomp.net .

Hitcomp.net is an online resource, devised and maintained by Nairn Academy staff, which contains the following:

  • Documents
  • Links
  • Tools

These resources are constantly updated and added to and are designed to overtake two aspects of modern curriculum technology education in the 21st Century:

  • Assists teachers in the development and delivery of relevant and engaging lessons
  • Assists pupils in overtaking course revision and catchup.

In a similar way to this website, Hitcomp.net is a set of working documents which are reviewed regularly and updated tirelessly by qualified GTCS registered professionals.

Disclaimer: Although Hitcomp.net is promoted here and is being developed by Highland Council professionals, it is not a recognised Highland Council website at this time.